CrossFit Light is here. The CrossFit Light class is a 60 minute session consisting of aerobic conditioning circuits using body weight, wall-balls, kettlebells and other light weight items. NO heavy barbells. This program is open to any fitness level and provides an intense workout with the goal of improving posture and functional movement patterns, while serving as a great introduction to CrossFit styled training.

Starting March 2nd. Classes are held Mon, Wed and Fri at 7am. Sign up here




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PLEASE be aware the Caldwell Rd is closed due to the bridge being built at the railroad tracks. You will have to come down Millbrook (next to Autobell, follow it to the end make a left, follow to the end and make another left. It brings you out on Caldwell on other side of the tracks) or Back Creek Church Rd or Robinson Church Rd. 

We’re not like a “normal” gym. You won’t find treadmills, elliptical machines, shiny equipment, BOSU balls, pink 3lb dumbbells, or even contracts here.  What you will find are the tools you need to get more all-around fit—things like barbells, kettlebells, rings,  ropes, pull-up bars, and medicine balls.  You’ll also find trainers and fellow clients who will help teach you and guide you to reach your fitness goals.

At CFH we incorporate aspects of weightlifting, gymnastics, and metabolic conditioning into workouts that blur the distinction between traditional “strength” and “cardio” training.  They will identify and eliminate any weaknesses you may have and make you more capable to meet the demands of your day to day life, whether that life is as an office worker, a firefighter, a Navy SEAL, or a housewife.

Yes, CrossFit is hard.  Significant results are not possible without hard work.  But it is far from impossible, and your results in terms of improved performance, appearance, energy, and mental well-being will be noticeable within weeks.  All we ask is that you show up willing to listen and learn, and ready to push yourself to your mental and physical limits on a daily basis.

CrossFit can be adapted to anyone’s fitness and skill levels.  We will teach you the fundamentals of CrossFit and ensure that you do the movements correctly and safely, so you reap the maximum benefits from the time you spend here.

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We will start the next group on April 6th. All new clients are required to take the Foundations classes. Our foundations will consist of a total of 12 classes spread out over 4 weeks. These classes will be 3 days a week, Mon, Wed at 730pm and Fri at 630pm. Foundations classes are 150.00 for the 4 weeks. Please email if you have any questions or need to discuss different times. 

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With over 20 years in the Olympic Weightlifting and Health & Fitness industry, we have the knowledge and experience to help you accomplish whatever goals you have set for yourself. Olympic lifting is, without question, one of the most valuable types of training when it comes to developing overall explosive power, strength, speed, and jumping ability.  Whether you are a high school/middle school student, college athlete, or aspiring professional athlete, the Olympic lifts can help you develop that raw, functional strength needed for your individual sport.    

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4F Sports Performance is in collaboration with Crossfit Harrisburg to become the region's premier facility for complete sports performance training.  We offer over 20 years of hands on experience and knowledge in the health and fitness industries. With the Olympic sport of Weightlifting as our central focus, we offer sports performance training, Olympic lifting training, youth fitness, and personal training.